Thursday, 18 April 2013

Four Ball One Tracer: Commanding Executive Outcomes - Roelf van Heerden

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Title: Four Ball One Tracer – Commanding Executive Outcomes
Author: Roelf van Heerden
ISBN: 978-1-907-67776-2
Publisher: Helion and Co
EO played a role in the annals of modern African history that reads like an adventure novel. A mercenary force available to those willing and able to pay; van Heerden ran his organization with discipline and professionalism. His book reads very well in a forthright and direct manner. He is unapologetic for his actions but, conversely, he does not glorify nor unduly enhance his experiences. This book acted as an eye-opener for me as it shed light on a subject traditionally served by rumour and innuendo. A concisely written, in-depth study of the politics and realities of post-colonial Africa and the role that non-state actors played on that continent. Well recommended.

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