Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chicken Street, Afghanistan Before the Taliban - John Lane

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Title: Chicken Street, Afghanistan Before the Taliban: Clearing the Deadly Remnants of War
Author: John Lane
ISBN: 978-1-909384-26-2
Publisher: Helion and Co, GG Books UK
Lane addresses a topic that has been largely forgotten in the maelstrom that has become the fighting in Afghanistan; that being the brief period between the rise of the Taliban and the retreat of the Soviet Union. During that period, significant efforts were made to clear the Afghan countryside of the millions of mines and unexploded devices that plagued the population. Lane’s book is engaging and enlightening, highlighting the challenges, successes and frustrations of operating within the Afghan communities. He writes well and his narrative is direct and concise. The closes his book with an epilogue outlining what occurred following his departure in 1994. A good read.

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