Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The War of the Three Gods - Peter Crawford

Title: The War of the Three Gods 
Author: Peter Crawford
ISBN: 978-1-84884-618-0
Pages: 256
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Photos: 25 // 44 maps
Peter Crawford has produced an outstanding work looking at a subject that has not been investigated in a great deal of depth, namely the impact of the ongoing conflict between the empires of Eastern Rome and Persia. Specifically, how the fighting weakened both to the point where the forces of Islam were able to take full advantage of the power vacuum and rise to dominance. Tracing the intricacies of Eastern warfare and politics from the sixth century to the mid-seventh century, Crawford traces the decline of the traditional powers and the rise of a religiously based successor. Drawing upon a plethora of primary and secondary source material he has crafted an eminently readable and enjoyable book. 
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