Monday, 12 May 2014

The Encyclopedia of Warfare - Multiple Authors, Foreword by Dennis Showalter

The information presented was written by Chris Buckham; however, it was published in Soldier Magazine. Therefore, the material is reproduced here by the author with the permission of the magazine. If you would like to republish this information or refer to excerpts please contact the Assistant Editor Soldier Magazine ( Website for the Magazine is:

Title: The Encyclopedia of Warfare
Author: Multiple Authors, Foreword by Dennis Showalter
ISBN: 978-1-78274-023-0
Pages: 1024
Publisher: Amber Books
Photos: 100’s maps
Rating: 4/5
As a reference guide to international conflict, this book has few equals. Drawing upon the collective knowledge of multiple historians, it summarizes over five thousand different battles ranging from the earliest recorded fights of the ancient world up to engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. The book is written in chronological order by period with each subsection broken out by consecutive year. This makes for very easy reading and research. Additionally, for the more significant engagements, coloured maps are included. Each battle may be taken in context with others or read in isolation with equal effect; an excellent reference text encompassing a daunting period.

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