Friday, 5 December 2014

Organisation Todt: From Autobahns to the Atlantic Wall - John Christopher

Title: Organisation Todt: From Autobahns to the Atlantic Wall
Author: John Christopher
ISBN: 978-1-4456-3856-0
Publisher: Amberley
Pages: 255
Photographs/Maps: 71b/w//38 colour//5
Rating: 3.5/5

Christopher has reproduced an edited version of an intelligence report produced in March, 1945 for the benefit of Allied commanders. Organization Todt (OT) was the construction engineering arm of the German Government charged with both the planning and execution of all major construction projects throughout the Reich; at its height it comprised over 1.5 million personnel. It was an extremely effective organization, undertaking, in five years, the largest building program since the Roman Empire. The book is an outstanding reference for this institution but it is very dry in its presentation; nevertheless, a fascinating study of a little known but critical aspect of the Reich.  

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