Friday, 15 September 2017

Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance - David Boyle

Title: Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance
Author: David Boyle
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Year: 2017
Digital Book

This is not a long book. Remarkably short in fact; not much over 100 pages. What it lacks in length however, it makes up for in content and quality. Given the number of books that have been written about the evacuation of Dunkirk, I was not expecting too much and was very pleasantly surprised. Boyle has focused his narrative around Vice-Admiral Bertram Home Ramsay, Commander of the Port of Dover and its environs. He was appointed to be overall Commander of the evacuation and, as such, was lead planner and executor of one of the most audacious and ambitious sea operations to date. The author has divided his story by day running from May 19th to June 3rd with a brief introduction to set the stage. The writing is tight and conveys the stress, uncertainty and determination of the participants with poignancy. This is a book about the planning and execution of the evacuation itself, not about the peripheral aspects such as the Highland Division’s and French army’s rearguard actions or the German efforts. I thoroughly enjoyed this work and would recommend it for those who wish to have a better appreciation of the level of work, coordination and luck that was required for the British (and French) to turn defeat into a viable opportunity.

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