Monday, 23 September 2013

A Splendid Little War - Derek Robinson

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Title: A Splendid Little War 
Author: Derek Robinson
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
ISBN: 9780857052322
Date: 2013
Pages: 316
Rating: 5/5

Mr Robinson has once again exceeded (already high) expectations and has produced another novel replete with tragi-comedy, education, cynical humour and action. Set in the midst of the Russian civil war, the book follows the experiences of Merlin Squadron, the RAF fighters sent to support the White Russian army in the southern steppe. Robinson is master of character development and he is able to capture the essence of the post war British Officer sent on yet another international escapade. A tight storyline woven into a historically accurate rendition of the conditions and folly under which the British airmen operated; this book cannot be recommended highly enough.

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