Monday, 23 September 2013

Into The Jaws of Death - Robert Lyman

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Title: Into the Jaws of Death
Author: Robert Lyman
Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 9781782064442
Pages: 344
Rating: 4/5

Robert Lyman has drafted an excellent history of an audacious and far-reaching ‘commando’ raid against the Port of Saint-Nazaire that was phenomenally successful but painfully costly in terms of men. Lyman’s writing style is such that one feels that you are reading a historical novel vice a study. He provides a comprehensive history, replete with firsthand accounts, of the creation and development of the ‘commando’s’ as a fighting force; this serves as a lead in to the actual attack on Saint-Nazaire. The attack itself is rendered in a tight, breathtaking manner that draws the reader in and drives him on. Lyman is to be commended for a great book and the soldiers who took part, for unbelievable bravery and fortitude.

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