Friday, 15 March 2013

Command in War - Martin van Creveld

 Title: Command in War
Author: Martin van Creveld
Publisher: Harvard
Pages: 336

Content: How is command exercised and what is the nature of command? This is the central premise of this seminal work by Creveld. By recounting the development of command from a historical perspective spanning a period of two thousand years, he is able to trace the inter-relationship between military strategy and the variety of challenges associated with commanding armies from staff organizations thru to logistics and technology. He suggests that despite the changes that have occurred in military thinking and technology, the one constant that remains is the commanders search for certainty (be it environment, enemies intent or ones own forces’ activities). The advantages that have come with the advance of technology have also brought with them additional limitations. It is the commander’s ability to develop ways to transcend these limitations that have resulted in progress in command. Through case studies Creveld reviews the changing means of command and how they worked in practice. An excellent book and fascinating read.

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