Friday, 15 March 2013

The Mark of the Warrior - Paul Scott

Title: The Mark of the Warrior
Author: Paul Scott
Publisher: Granada Publishing
Pages: 188

Content: Paul Scott’s classic tale of the training of special force’s operatives in the Indian Theatre of Operations during the Second World War is a treatise on the loneliness of Command and the responsibility, however onerous, of the Commander to challenge and stress his personnel in as realistic a setting as possible. “Train as you will fight” is a phrase often heard but rarely followed. The Mark of the Warrior highlights why this is critical and how difficult, but necessary, it can be in practise. Concurrent with this is the emphasis on development and mentorship of junior personnel. Additionally, Scott highlights the more subtle but equally relevant effect of experience and history on a Commanders personality and methodology. Despite rank and ‘time in’, a Commander is still the product of the combination and accumulation of his or her own experiences. Their strengths and weaknesses are emphasized through the lens of these experiences. Overall, a thoughtful and interesting read.  

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