Friday, 15 March 2013

First Clash - Kenneth Macksey

Title: First Clash
Author: Kenneth Macksey
Publisher: Stoddart
Pages: 248
Content: Kenneth Macksey is a former officer of the Royal Tank Regiment and has written a number of books on armoured warfare and “what if” scenario’s including 1940: The German Invasion of England. All of his writings are enjoyable, well researched and educational. First Clash is a fictional account of the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in action during WW 3. Based in West Germany, it may seem somewhat dated by todays standards in terms of potential reality (it was written in 1984/85); however, for both the officer and NCO it continues to hold a great deal of relevance. This is because it is written not only as a fictional account of a large scale clash with the forces of the Soviet Union, but it incorporates into the narrative the entire battle procedure of the CF and the Army. Broken down (and explained) within the storyline are those orders and directions which would normally occur during the deliberate and crisis planning procedure. Thus it serves as an excellent practical example of what should occur at the different levels of Command as a battle unfolds. Additionally, it also outlines those factors which are pertinent at different times during operational planning. An excellent study and very worthwhile especially those posted into a joint position.

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