Friday, 22 March 2013

Warrior Geeks - Christopher Coker

The information presented was written by Chris Buckham; however, it was published in Soldier Magazine. Therefore, the material is reproduced here by the author with the permission of the magazine. If you would like to republish this information or refer to excerpts please contact the Assistant Editor Soldier Magazine ( Website for the Magazine is:
Title: Warrior Geeks
Author: Christopher Coker
ISBN: 978-1-84904-254-3
Publisher: Hurst and Company
Pages: 330

Coker’s book focuses on the potential eradication of the Homeric warrior as a result of the advancement of science and technology. That is to say, he discusses the human element of the war fighter being subsumed by biologically and technologically enhanced soldiers, devoid or incapable of the warrior ethos/ethic and the human character that is an inherent part of who we are. This is not an easy read, nor does it leave one feeling particularly comfortable; it is not meant to. It raises disturbing, challenging and fundamental questions that have not been addressed. A very thought provoking book. Recommended.

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