Friday, 15 March 2013

The Defence of Duffers Drift - E.D. Swinton

Title: The Defence of Duffers Drift
Author: Brig-Gen E.D. Swinton
Publisher: Leo Cooper
Pages: 69

Content: This is a short, easily readable book which, despite its age (published in 1905) is one of the best examples of leadership for entry level officers and supervisors. It is the story of a Junior Subaltern during the Boer War who is given the task of defending a river crossing with a platoon of soldiers. Being very junior, he attempts what he feels to be the correct course of action to meet his mission direction. Each chapter represents his progressive decisions, actions and the results. As the book unfolds, he is able to learn and build upon the mistakes of his previous decisions. The strength of this book is in its simplicity. In an almost parable style, it clearly teaches the lessons of decision making and leadership with practical and timeless examples.

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